Why 2020 Was The Year We All Wanted……And Needed

Rewind to December of 2019. Remember how everyone was looking forward to 2020? I can’t even recount the number of times I heard the excitement behind having 2020 vision for the next year. 2020 vision is the most precise vision possible. When you think about it, 2020 gave us just that. 2020 delivered the most exact picture possible of our lives. We may not have liked how it happened or desire to go through it again, but 2020 delivered for us precisely what most of the world was looking for. 2020 gave us clarity.

Getting a clear picture isn’t always possible when your vision is blurry. My wife wanted 2020 vision. However, to obtain that she went under the knife. There was cutting and blood. She experienced pain. She also needed time to recover. But after that process was over, she had the vision she desired. 2020 was the painful procedure that we all endured in order to help us see our lives clearly. In the pain, the tears, and heartache of 2020, some things became abundantly clear to us.

Clarity on what was Important to Us:

2020 broke the routines of life, which in some ways gave us a chance to catch our breaths. Many worked harder than ever in 2020, but we also worked differently. We canceled commuting, traveling, and the superfluous activities from our calendar. Our lives slowed down, and we couldn’t simply fill them with time fillers. While 2020 seemed to happen so fast, we got to slow down a bit. We had more family dinners. We found that we didn’t need to travel the globe to attend a meeting or a conference. We learned what projects were important at work and which ones had just made us busy. It eliminated doing what we usually do and forced us to take inventory of what we should do.

For the first time, we looked at our rhythms and our habits. We looked at our commitments, and we promised that when this is all over, we will do it differently. Our normalcy halted, and when that happened, we paused. Not because we chose to, but because we had to. That pause gave us time to think, whether we aware that we were doing so or not.

Clarity on what lives inside Us:

I’ve heard it said that everyone is at their worst and interacting with others who are also at their worst this year. True, but here is what we need to note. Your worst and my worst happened when what we held in our hearts leaked out. I had a boss that taught me that leadership is like a thousand-pound jacket. When that pressure starts to mount, the habits, beliefs, attitudes, and coping mechanisms leak out.

Your worst that showed up in 2020 is in you. The worst is not who you are, but it is in you. But when life is busy, we can hide it or masquerade it. I put on the ole COVID 20 pounds, like many others, because we used food to cope with all of the changes. As our lives unraveled, it exposed the addictions that we kept at bay. It revealed the anger and resentment we’ve been harboring. 2020 put the pressure on all of us where we got to see the gross stuff leak out. For me, I know what leaked out was what I had to work on and address.

Clarity on the Fragility of Life:

Covid taught us that life is fragile and that life isn’t guaranteed. The news reminded us hourly of every day that people’s lives were lost. It also made us realize that our lives, jobs, homes, and incomes, weren’t as rock-solid as we once thought. Many are scrambling to do their job differently, that is if they still have a job. Others are thinking through their own survival plan in case the company they work for doesn’t survive. We got to witness that we’re not promised another day on this earth, and if we get a tomorrow, it might not be like the life that we just finished the day before. Now chasing dreams, hopes, and careers don’t seem as dumb as it did when we could depend on a long life and a stable job.

Life isn’t promised and jobs aren’t stable. But God created you with a specific purpose. And that purpose could serve as your blueprint for the rest of your days. Don’t chase stability. Chase finding who you are and how to live that out in the best way possible. That doesn’t mean quit your job and move. It just means figuring out why you are alive and live that purpose out. It could be in the same position, but knowing what you are to contribute to the world could change how you do that job. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, and if you get it, who knows what to expect. So live today.

2020 gave us the gift that we wouldn’t give ourselves. 2020 gave us time to pause. When we pause, we tend to reflect. Reflection can be a waste unless you choose to do something about it. Be grateful for 2020 and what you have learned. Allow 2021 to be the year you put your 2020 vision to action.

What did you take away from 2020? Leave your comments below.

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